This page will feature other, perhaps unrelated, projects we are working on and other stuff we think is especially cool. By that we don't mean "Oh my God! Look at this cute cat falling off a wall!" but more like things we are really passionate about and really believe in. With that in mind, please support the folks below and we'll give you a cookie. 


This is a project I did at one of my schools. I worked with students to write and produce a book on Japanese culture in English. The aim was to give them some confidence with their English, and by donating the profits to local earthquake victims they can see that even their learners' English can have a big effect. Here's the video I made  for the fundraising drive (to get the book published, so ignore the list at the end) to better explain. 

Well, we did it! Despite poor funding in our efforts to pay for the publishing costs, we managed to get the book done. It is available now on Amazon. So go buy it and support Japanese schools, students and disaster victims, and since these victims are friends, family and neighbours, you can be assured the funds will reach them. You couldn't ask for better use of your money. Buy it here.


From her Facebook profile
Luka, I'm very proud to say, is a friend of mine. I knew her for about 2 years and although it was clear she was a wonderful person, I never knew she was so talented too until recently. Now, I know many people say "Hey, listen to my friend. She is really good!" and then they are ok, but I honestly believe Luka has something special. She's singing in a foreign language (to her) and her mix of American, Japanese and Danish background has given her a unique voice and accent. Her voice took me right back to the wonder I felt when I first started buying my own music. So rest assured we will be supporting her wholeheartedly. I hope you feel the same and we can push her up the viewing lists on Youtube and get her the attention she deserves.

Here's a video of her singing Taylor Swift's '22'. 

and Yael Naim with 'New Soul'


Matt, one half of Sakura Panda Tea Time, is also an author with two published books. He writes mostly comedy fantasy with a twist of radioactive lemon. Matt Cannot Write is his website for that. He regularly posts reviews, rants and creative writing exercises in an effort to prove that he can write actually. So if you have a taste for spontaneous wit and genre breaking, give it a look. Samples of work are available to read on request. Like his whole novel for free if you ask nicely.