Revamp, coming soon!

Hello lovely Tea Timers!

This is an announcement to say that at the end of March we will be moving from Sendai to Kyoto. Our live in Japan will begin anew in a bigger city, with many interesting new places to look at. As such, we are going to start up the blog and youtube channel with a focus on settling into a new life in Japan (for first timers, as well as relocaters like us) and life in Kyoto.

So, you can expect lots of history, temples, castles, geisha, cuisine, but also modern shopping, city life and of course our new home and family, which will see one exciting new edition very shortly! Join us in April to find out who is joining the Sakura Panda Tea Time family!

In the meantime, we are always active daily on Twitter, Instagram and Vine with weekly posts on Facebook too .

Join us!

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  1. I love Kyoto. Only been there once, but it's one of my favorite places I've been in Japan so far.